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2022 ICMCI ESG Survey
2022-08-04 14:34:20

ICMCI | 25 July 2022


Dear ICMCI network,

Today, we have the pleasure of launching the first ICMCI global survey: ESG Consultancy Survey.

The purpose is to explore consultants’ awareness with regards to environmental, social and governance (ESG, sustainability) matters. The results will help ICMCI to capture the current state of affairs and envisage a course of action to support consultants in their professional journeys.


The ESG Consultancy Survey is part of the Future of Management Consultancy initiative. Since its start, at ICMCI we have been examining the drivers of change, seeking to identify the capabilities and the skills of consultants that will be most valued in the years to come.

After the pandemic, it has been widely accepted that we need to rebuild our societies and the economy in a way that is inherently sustainable and puts us on the path to Net Zero. ESG has become one of the hottest trends in finance and organisations, private and public, are and will be looking at risks and opportunities that the movement presents.

ESG is a broad concept and opens up new avenues for management consultants. Clients will need assistance from impact and innovations assessment through to implementation of sustainable solutions in practice.

Are consultants prepared for the ESG megatrend?

About the survey 

The survey is online based. It is brief and should take about 5 minutes to fill out.

It can be accessed via this link (also works on mobile devices):

The survey is anonymous and the results will be used in an aggregated form. However, if anyone wishes to receive communications from ICMCI about the results, they can provide contact details at the end of the survey form.

Collaborate with us 

We are asking for your support in sharing the survey with your members so that they could complete it at their convenience by 15 August 2022.

A sample invitation email is attached to ease your work.

To amplify the campaign, we also kindly ask that you leverage your personal social media channels to share news of today’s launch. Shareable content can be found via our ICMCI LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

Your involvement will help you to position your IMC at the forefront in ESG matters; an area with a growing impact. You will be liaising with the wider business community and other stakeholders, building awareness and rapport.

Useful links 

UN Sustainable Development Goals
The UN’s call for a decade of sustainable action
ICMCI Trends and Insights: Impact Investing

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email us at

Thank you for your collaboration on the survey. We always welcome ideas for future initiatives.


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