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< CMC-Global Directory is now officially launched - Clarifications >
2019-07-26 16:25:43

< CMC-Global Directory is now officially launched - Clarifications >

Dear Members,

The CMC-Global Directory is a service provided by ICMCI to the CMCs around the world. As you know, our members are the institutes, and at many times the CMCs do not have a chance to cooperate and collaborate. At many ICMCI annual meetings, the delegates requested such a service in order for them to pass it on to the CMCs in order to enhance collaboration between them as mentioned.

The service was approved by the delegates and ICMCI started working on the directory, the expenses of the directory have to be self-satisfying, i.e. the directory should cover its direct and in-direct expenses in order for it not to become a burden on the IMCs or having to increase membership fees for the IMCs in order to do that.

The conclusion was that ICMCI prepares the directory (web developers and all such expenses, along with the online payment option that is also a cost) and we put an annual fee for the subscription of the CMCs.

The subscription accumulative fees would cover the initial direct expenses as well as indirect (administration) and assure there is enough funding for it to sustain itself while growing, especially costs related to its maintenance.

Having said that, it is a platform for all CMCs and it is expected that Institutes would assure that their CMCs know of this service as again, it was requested by them to begin with.

There are two payment schemes, one is 100 Euros annually the other is 10 euros/month, with online payment option available for both.

All the details are at:, please make sure to include this link in your announcement to your CMCs, along with which includes the application steps.

The application steps are important as we verify that each applicant is a CMC in good standing of the institute, we urge you our IMCs to take the soonest action on such verification emails, as this will support us in expediting the publishing of their data to the directory.

We received many applications, however, those were not carried through when the CMCs received the payment link, which prompted us to send this email for you to create awareness among your CMCs about it being a paid service.

We apologize for the long email but we felt it necessary.

Thank you all for keeping your CMCs properly informed.

Reema Nasser
Executive Director
C/O Maurer & Stager AG
Fraum?nsterstrasse 17/Postfach 318
CH ? 8024 Zurich
e mail: